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Team Pet Vet

Pet Vet has been serving pet owners of Williamson and adjacent counties since 1996. David J Butler DVM started the practice in 1996 and has been joined by his associate Sarah E Alexander DVM in 2008. The practice has outgrown its first two locations and has moved into our current state of the art building in June, 2011.

Our focus is patient advocacy; we strive to partner with you in providing the highest quality care for your steady family member..

Team Pet Vet Videos

  • Support Staff
  • Veterinarians
  • Dr. David J. Butler, DVM
    Dr. David J. Butler, DVM Auburn University
  • Dr. Sarah E. Alexander, DVM
    Dr. Sarah E. Alexander, DVM University of Tennessee
  • Dr. John A. Mays, DVM
    Dr. John A. Mays, DVM University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Sarah McKenzie, DVM
    Dr. Sarah McKenzie, DVM University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Margaret Roth, DVM
    Dr. Margaret Roth, DVM Colorado State University
  • Dr. Donald Zuber, DVM
    Dr. Donald Zuber, DVM Louisiana State University
  • Hospital Administrator
    Hospital Administrator Amber
  • Receptionist
    Receptionist Karen
  • Receptionist
    Receptionist Nathan
  • Receptionist
    Receptionist Trudy
  • Receptionist
    Receptionist Skylar
  • Lead Veterinary Technican
    Lead Veterinary Technican Ariel
  • Licensed Veterinary Techican
    Licensed Veterinary Techican Jordan
  • Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary Technician Lexi
  • Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary Technician Gabby
  • Veterinary Technican
    Veterinary Technican Megan
  • Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary Technician Daniel
  • Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary Technician Janelle
  • Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary Technician Avery
  • Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary Technician Hannah
  • Veterinary Technican
    Veterinary Technican Katie
  • Hospital Technician
    Hospital Technician Dan
  • In Amatam Memoriam
    In Amatam Memoriam Maggie